Thermoset Inc, friction material bonding, friction plates, woven carbon fiber.

Thermoset Inc, manufacturer / distributor specializing in friction material bonding, friction plates, woven carbon fiber and torque converter friction material, Limited slip differential clutch plate.
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Thermoset was founded in 1976 by John McGourthy Sr. Roots were established in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area to service the locally concentrated small gas engine manufacturers with dry braking friction components. Initially formed as a bonding company, Thermoset has since established it's own line of comprehensive friction materials for both dry and wet friction applications.

Over the last 20 years Thermoset has been a pioneer in the processing and application of woven Carbon Fiber friction materials. Thermoset is the world leader in production of woven carbon fiber friction materials for torque control and transmission synchronizer applications.

To expand it's capabilities and offer new technological solutions to our customers, Thermoset acquired a thermoset molding company in 2003. This diversification has allowed the advancement of molded friction components which allows for increased product value and performance for our customers.

Today, with over 30 years of experience, Thermoset has significantly expanded it's customer base and supplies components throughout the world for many different market segments. We pride ourselves on customer service and offering solutions to meet even the most demanding product challenges.

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